BEFORE THE SUNSET – with the Sun Song Quiz


The lady saw me walk onto the middle of the street with my phone out, and said to Ed “he’s taking a picture of the sunset” in that universal “that’s so sweet” tone of voice.

Except it wasn’t quite the sunset.  It was the bright low sun right before the sunset and how it effected our street that captured my camera curiosity all the way down the block.

So I will share these pics via my new Arts-a-Poppin’ photophile category and include another one of my “patented” music quizzes, hints tucked away in the tags below.




Sun Song #1 – Which pop genius, singing about the sunset here, calls her official site Fish People?

And can someone please explain to me why she calls her official site Fish People?




Sun Song #2 – The Yiddish version of this famous musical’s sun tinged song is “Tog-ayn, Tog-oys” (day in, day out)


That’s Ed silhouetted on the pavement:



Sun Song #3 – Before they hit it big with a Disco classic, this scrappy New York City Punk band went “In the Sun”.



Sun Song #4 – Evidently there is one place the sun always shines.




I’ve got more sun songs, so I’ll include a few more sun pics from the “Notes from a Composer collection”…


Like this one, also from the same street, also from a piece on sunlight




Sun Song #5 – Which band uses SPF Fab 4?


Speaking of the view in New York City



Sun Song #6 – Who muses about an invisible sun?


Another kind of invisible sun



Sun Song #7 – Which two gay pop icons are afraid of the sunset?

(Or afraid of getting really badly burnt by a sexual favor?)


The Lencois sun:

Lencois sunset



Sun Song #8 – Which movie celebrated another day of sun, but got bested by moonlight?


Rio Sunset:

rio sunset


Sun Song #9 – It takes a while, you got to get through the smells of laboratories, a dying nation of moving paper fantasies, a spider web sitar, the future on films in space, but then….


My silhouette, before the beard, but not in Copenhagen.

Danny sunset

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