LIGHT ENTERS THE HOME – with a “light”hearted music quiz



I’ll have a picture with my puzzle, please

Longtime visitors to my site will have noticed that I love sharing photos, under the “Two-fisted Touristing” rubric, of scenic vistas from around the world or places and events in New York City.  And sometimes I share images that just capture my eye, that give me a visual joy, things thrilling to capture and share in a frame of pixels.  I often find myself drawn to images of light play, its illuminations, its refractions, its shadows, its contrasts.


Hi, it’s me, being swathed in the light entering the home

Today I share a bunch of shots that all fall under the theme of “Light Enters the Home”.  Pictures I have taken this day or the other over the course of several months, when a shaft or spill of light shone into our home in a way that caught my attention and made me reach for the cell phone and click.

Maybe because we live in a ground floor apartment that doesn’t exactly get bathed in vast amounts of light any time of the day or the year, I am especially intrigued by the subtle particularities and dramatic flourishes natural light sometimes makes in our rooms.  Whatever the reason, I noticed that I had liked enough of these light-in-home pictures I made over the last year to collect them in a blog post.

And to make the whole endeavor more musical, I will, as is becoming a bit of a “thing” here on Notes from a Composer, include a musical guessing game: a collection of “Light” titled music tracks to identify, plus added musical trivia queries.  Track titles and artist names can be gleaned from the tags at the bottom of the post.  Enjoy!



Which “cutting” band asked Ian McKellen to thrill like Vincent Price in this song?



Sun tea visibly soaking in the sun rays on the window sill planters:



Which classic cinema comedian composed the music for his movies, including this “lighted” one?


Rothko wannabe in the bedroom window.



Which musical theater giants have a lot of “Color and Light” to sing about in which musical by which musical theater giant?



Apropos colored light, a fire truck outside (above) once painted our kitchen red (below).



While we’re in red light (districts)… which song from which of my musicals describes shadowy amorous meetings?


And might this “light” titled song from the same show’s finale feature the musical’s moral?




Which one-time techno-pop Diva covered which song by which Colorful River?




Do you think I adore her enough to include another “light” titled song of hers?


Lighting up the paw paw juice, pressed fresh from the paw paws from our garden, some of which lie dappled by the light next to the glass.  (It’s not really a major “light” picture, I just wanted to show off our paw paws):



Which American Idol runner-up toggles between a solo career and touring with Queen?




Which piano man saw the lights go out on Broadway?


Some variations on a theme in a particular corner:






Which cult gay musical review features this song about “coming across as queer”?

(PS: In the climax, the singer/dancer’s shoes literally light up)


The basement den window



Which Nightingale, assisted by her Apparatus, finds no light in your bright blue eyes?




Which 60’s/70’s rock band’s “light” titled song is being covered here by which American Idol runner up?


Drying laundry on a rack adds slashes of color behind the sofa cushion:



What did which Disco Diva ask us to do with all the lights?




Which Broadway diva earned her first of 6 tony nominations singing the title song from which musical by the grandson and son of which two Broadway legends?




Which Pop Diva’s hit album title track would it have been absolutely ridiculous of me to have left off of this collection?




Update 2/18 – More light for the home aka grist for the mill aka pix for the post:

Light 21

Light 22

Light 23

Light 24

Light 25

Light 27

Light 26

Light 28

Update 3/18: The TV set really is the literal Black Mirror:





Finally, just one picture outside our home: this view of our sidewalk, and the way the sunlight streams just so on particular July evenings:





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