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Danny Ashkenasi – Composer/Writer credits

– including ( )Directing / *Music Directing credits –

and critic quotes



Projects in development:

SpeakeasyJohn and Jane’s Adventures in the Wonderland – musical

— showcase/workshop performances Feb 19- Mar 13, 2016, Theater for the New City

Feedstore Quartet – musical; Book/Lyrics: Jack Hilton Cunningham; Lyrics: Danny Ashkenasi

Queereuphonia – a musical history of Gay Sex in America 1945 – 2015

The Treasure – Jewish folk musical; book: Marsha Lee Scheiness; Lyrics: Steve Liebman


Music Theater Works (a selection):

I Too Sing America – The Blues According to Langston Hughes

– musical adaptation of over 60 Langston Hughes poems – Premiered at the Metropolitan Playhouse Harlem Renaissance Festival Jan 17-30, 2011*

“It seems like Danny Ashkenasi’s ambition is to compose the Great American Literary Songbook, and he is up to the task.” – Mark Savitt – Hi Drama! (MNN TV)


a musical play adapted from Herman Melville’s short story – Premiered at the Metropolitan Playhouse Melvillepalooza Jan 12-25, 2009* – Subsequent performances at the FringeNYC Festival August 14-30, 2009*

“Ashkenasi’s music is accomplished and attractive, his esthetics beautiful, his collaborators top notch.” – Avner Kam, The Fringe Report

beTwixt, beTween & beTWAIN – a Mark Twain Musical Comedy

– Showcase production at The Producer’s Club Crown Theater May 16 – June 8* – Special Performance at the Westport Library in CN May 19* – staged reading at the Twainathon Festival at The Metropolitan Playhouse, Jan 25-28, 2007 (*)

“Transcendent, lovely and moving.  Evocative and exciting.  A musical voice that commands attention” – Martin Denton,

The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre

musical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story – theatrically produced Jan 12-29, 2006 at Metropolitan Playhouse* and Aug 11-29, 2006 at The Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre*, NYFringe Festival; and October, 2007 TrypTych Concert and Opera, Toronto

            Recipient of Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics at 2006 NYFringe festival

“A well-honed and deliciously creepy chamber piece” – Amy Krivohlavek,


Chamber Opera, libretto by Helga Krauss, music and English translation by Danny Ashkenasi theatrically produced Aug 12-21, 2005 Connelly Theatre, NYFringe Festival (*) – March 21, 04 concert reading of English version at Village Temple – August 28, 03 concert reading Biesalski Salon, Berlin Germany (*)

“Mr. Ashkenasi’s music has dimensionality and touches of poignancy.” – Jeremy Eichler, New York Times

The Song of Job 9:11

Oratorio –  theatrical production Aug 13-29, 2004, Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at Pace University, part of the NYFringe Festival (*) – concert readings: April 8 & Sep 23, 02, La MaMa Etc., Village Temple Sep.11, 02, Riverside Church Jan.26, 03, 15th St. Meeting House Dec 14, 03 (*) – Five 10th Anniversary concerts 9/9 – 9/16 2011 in 15th Street, PS 372, Village Temple, Theater for the New City (*)

            “A stark and compelling work.  Haunting melodies.” – Elias Stimac, Backstage

Boroughed Tales: Brooklyn

Commissioned score for one musical one-act (Lucky Hans – book & lyrics: Margorie Duffield), incidental music for five other plays, plus the music and lyrics for the Theme Song – March 8-23, 2002 at the Blue Heron Arts Center (White Bird Productions); excerpt “Lucky Hans” revived Apr. 04 at the Calhoun School.

Hexen (Witches)

two women musical –  Book & lyrics: Peter Lund; music and English adaptation: Danny Ashkenasi – premiered 1991 in Berlin, Germany – Produced to date in at least 20 different theatres throughout Germany, Austria and Finland including the Deutsche Oper Berlin 1998 (and two other Berlin theatres). – Showcased in New York at the Tribeca Lab February 1993 (*) and ArtsNY 2012 (*)

“Ashkenasi’s music delivers an imaginative and remarkably original balancing act between old madrigals and modern day chansons and never stumbles.” – Hellmut Kotschenreuter, Der Tagesspiegel

Les Artistes

play by Greg Steinbruner featuring 6 songs with music by Danny Ashkenasi; premiered October 17 – 28, 2002 at the Intar Theatre*, NYC

Wir Pfeifen auf den Gurkenkoenig 

musical – Book & lyrics: Peter Lund; music: Danny Ashkenasi – premiered 1990 in Berlin, Germany * playing at Hebbel Theater, Schalotte Theater and Deutsche Ope Berlin

When Thou, My Music, Music Play’st (the Shakespeare Sonnet Musical)

Book and lyrics adapted from Shakespeare’s Sonnets; music: Danny Ashkenasi – NYU, 1989 (*)

Once Upon a Frog / Es war einmal ein Frosch

musical – translation into German also by Danny Ashkenasi – Berlin 1985 (*) – German language premiere July 25, 2009 at the Wetzlarer Festspiele


Previously produced one-act musicals (a selection):

Lemmings: a Real Cliffhanger – Inter. Schools Theatre Assoc.; York, England, 1991 *

Book: Devon Allen; music & lyrics: Danny Ashkenasi

All the World’s a Stage – NYU 1988 (*)

Book and music: Danny Ashkenasi developed with the ensemble.

Dancing On a Landslide – Berkshire Ensemble for Theatre Arts, 1987 *; NYU, 1988 (*)

Book & lyrics: Steve Bennett; music & lyrics: Danny Ashkenasi;

Dying to Live – Berkshire Ensemble for Theater Arts, 1986 *

Book: Regina Kelly; music & lyrics: Danny Ashkenasi


Chamber works (a selection – all performed in various concerts):

Spreewaldlieder – 12 song suite for Flute and Harp – recorded on cd 2009 by the Duo Elysee

Evocation 1- 16 – duets for viola and piano

Remembrances – Klezmer Rhapsody for clarinet, guitar, and cello – commissioned by the Trio Emanuel

8 Aphorisms for Mezzo Soprano and Trumpet

Cry of the Owl – duet for clarinet and piano; also excerpted as the score for short film of the same name

Awards: Awarded “ASCAP foundation Composer-in-Residence at the Met. Opera Guild Award” 1998

New York Fringe Festival 2006 Overall Excellence Award for “Outstanding Music and Lyrics” for “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre”

Music Director for all productions marked *    

Stage director as well for all productions marked (*)

Go here for Notes on Myself, a short post on Danny Ashkenasi’s thoughts on being a composer.


Danny Ashkenasi – Acting credits (a selection)

* denotes productions for which Danny also composed music

and critic quotes

Film and Television

MY LIFE IN NEW YORK—–Charles McLain—-RTL (Norddeich Prod.) German TV Series

NORMANDY (The Great Crusade)—–Gurowski/Pock–Warner Bros. (Discovery Channel)

ROTE ERDE———————Max Kruska————-Bavaria Film Germany (Mini Series)

KRAFTPROBE——————-Fatsy—————————– Telefilm Saar (Feature Film)


New York Theatre

THE ACCIDENTAL HAMLET—-John—————————————–Connelly Theater

“The energy these two actors brought to the piece was astounding.” – Nathalie Allen, Usher Madness

ONLY LOVE WILL DO————William—————————–Theater for the New City

“Danny Ashkenasi brings not merely loving, but tangibly human and humorous qualities to Billy, as well as more-than impressive few turns at the piano.” – Andrew Martin

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!*——–Herman————Flamboyan Theater at the CSV Center

“I am fond of Danny Ashkenasi’s amazing ability to mesmerize an audience.” – Hi Drama!

“A passionate authentic performer” – Avner Kam Fringe Report

BETWIXT, BETWEEN & BETWAIN*—-Narrator———–Producer’s Club Crown Theater

“Ashkenasi is an ingratiating presence on stage.” –

A ROPE IN THE ABYSS———–Hugh———–Rabbit Hole Ensemble/Blackbird Theatre

“Danny Ashkenasi [is] excellent”–

THE NIGHT OF NOSFERATU—-Renfield——Rabbit Hole Ensemble/Workshop Theatre

“Danny Ashkenasi [is] spectacular. [He] offers the only believable Renfield I have ever seen.”  –

“Of particular note [is] Danny Ashkenasi, whose Renfield is both grotesque and tragic.”
– offoffbroadwayreview

THE TELL-TALE HEART* —–Protagonist————-The Studio at Cherry Lane Theatres

“Ashkenasi often thrillingly evokes everyday lunacy, finding a creepy (yet intriguing) sexual satisfaction from the murder that most performers might miss; the drained, contented look on his face after smothering the old man is really something to see…[his singing is] precisely pitched musically and emotionally” – Talkin’

THE WITCH (Yiddish musical) —Hotzmach———————–Jewish Repertory Theatre

LES ARTISTES*——–Rothko Von Candy———FifthStreet Production/Interart Theatre

9/11 THE BOOK OF JOB*———-Job——————————————La MaMa E.T.C.

RICHARD THE SECOND*———Richard II—————————————Tribeca Lab

SALEM——————————–Eliphalet————————–Metropolitan Playhouse

BOHEMIA ON WRY—————–Allen Ginsburg——————Theater for the New City

MACBETH—————————-Malcolm————————————-Studio Theatre

JULIUS CAESAR———————-Casca—————————————Expanded Arts

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE——Launcelot Gobbo——————————Tribeca Lab

DOCTOR FAUSTUS*——————Good/Evil Angel a.o.—————NADA Faust festival

A (THE SCARLET LETTER)———-Chillingworth————– Ohio Theatre (Tiny Mythic)

NIGHTS OF ANNABEL LEE———-David Poe———————-Golden Fleece Opera Co.

WOYZECK*——————————Georg Buechner’s Ghost—————-Studio Theatre

SELFTORTURE & STREN. EXERCISE——Alvin——————————-The Trocadero

Regional Theatre/Tours

BETWIXT, BETWEEN & BETWAIN*—-Narrator————————Westport Library

THE NIGHT OF NOSFERATU————Renfield———-Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theatre

GRIMM’S FAIRY TALES——–Prince, Devil, a.o.——Nat. Theater ot the Perf. Arts (tour)

UNCLE ARTHUR—-One Man & Four Puppet Play—–Geary Street Theatre San Francisco

JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE & WELL….. —-Tenor——Berkshire Ensemble for Theatre Arts

Theatre International

UNCLE ARTHUR—– One Man & Four Puppet Play————-Malaysian/Australian Tour

KURT WEILL REVUE————2 Person Revue————————German Opera Berlin

BEI KROLL————————-6 Person Operatic Revue———–Academy of Arts Berlin

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