Speakeasy Highlight Reel


Chet Cheshire and NY Denizens sings “Speakeasy”

It’s the one year anniversary of the workshop performances of “Speakeasy – John and Jane’s Adventures in the Wonderland“.  To mark the occasion, here are some screen shots of the Speakeasy Highlight Reel, a 13 minute edit of selections from the musical, featuring excerpts of many songs, and functioning as a visual / aural synopsis of John and Jane’s fantastical adventures.


Jane and John, before things start getting “curious”.

The Speakeasy Highlight Reel may be viewed by request only via a secure private online link.  To watch it, please send your email request to dannyashkenasi@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, these screenshots also function as a bit of a shorthand to most of the Speakeasy plot (find workshop performer credits here).  I will include links to many of the articles about Speakeasy and its evocation of 1920’s Queer history that have been posted on Notes from a Composer in the past two years.  To check out them all, seek out The Speakeasy Chronicles in the archives and/or go to the Speakeasy page.



Above and to the right, John and Jane, after wondrous dreams, go through the “looking glass” and down the “rabbit hole”.

Below, Roberta White (i.e. the white rabbit) goes slumming in Harlem.



Meeting Julian Carnation and the Florists

Jane and John sing “Curious Colorful Night


“What are the deeds you’d do, should every dream come true, obeying your passion?”


Jane meets Duchess Bentley


John reconnects with Julian Carnation


It’s a dream, just a dream…”

“Sweet Suspicion” – it’s a complicated foursome…



My passion lives alone…”


“Put them back in their place!”

“Give me one more kiss, prolong this momentary bliss…”


“Please don’t leave me…”


The Trial


Dance into the light so bright all hurt melts away…”

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I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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