Speakeasy 5

The ensemble for the showcase production of “Speakeasy” has been assembled.  Doubled in size from the group that performed in the December 7 reading, it is a wonderfully talented and diverse ensemble.  A “swell gang”, in the parlance of the Roaring Twenties.

In fact, let’s be introduced to their names and faces while listening to “Swell”, a song from “Speakeasy”, wherein Chet Cheshire, Julian Carnation and Duchess Bentley illuminate the various and often unexpected ways sensual longing overtakes the body, often in spite of ourselves.


The Swell Speakeasy Cast – (in alphabetical order)


Version 2

Version 2


Camille Atkinson                                   Bevin Bell-Hall


Version 2

Version 2

Torian Brackett                                       Anne Bragg


Version 2 Version 2

Tim Connell                                                       Nick DeFrancesco


Version 2


Version 2

Darcy Dunn                                                   Brian Michael Henry



Spix - Dan Kelly 3



Larry Johnson                                       Dan Kelley


Version 2

Version 2Version 2

Rebecca Marquardt                         Cody Keown                          Zachary Harris Martin



Version 2

Rita McCann                                                  Sylvester McCracken III


Brandon Mellette

Version 2

Brandon Mellette                                            Bri Molloy


Version 2

Version 2

Matias Polar                                                     Kristen Quinn


Version 2

Version 2

Allie Radice                                               Kayleigh Shuler


Version 2

Version 2

Amanda Alyse Thomas                                    Desi Waters












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I'm a composer with over 30 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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