Take a Cool Musical Journey through the Spree Forest Canals during these Dog Days of Summer

SW 3

Last July I posted a four part series on the Spreewald, or Spree Forest (one, two, three, four), the fabulous “rural Venice” an hour south of Berlin, Germany.  The series included an elaborate photo tour of the region, and music from the Spree Forest Suite I composed for Harp and Flute.

Today, one year later, I will share again the best pictures from the series as well as all the music, conveniently assembled in one post.  In these dog days of summer, imagine a cool breeze on a bright, balmy day, as your genial boatman pushes the leisurely gliding tour boat down the elaborate system of canals past farms and through towns, a treat of Schmalzbrot, Spreewaldgurken and beer in your future, and soothing flute/harp music in your ear.

SW 5

SW 9


I  Ankunft – Arrival

II  Kahnfahrt – Boat on the Wide Canal

III  Sonne hinter Blättern – Sun Behind Leaves

IV  Senf und Knoblauchgurken – The Pickel Barrel

V  Bootsfahrt – Canoe on the Narrow Canals

VI  Wasserspiegelung – Reflections on the Water

VII  Leichte Brise – Light Breeze

VIII  Schmalzbrot und Bier – The Beer Garden 

IX  Spaziergang – Strolling by the Canal

X  Wiesenblüten – Wild Flowers

XI  Sonnenuntergang – Sunset

XII  Zugreise Zurück – Train Ride Home

SW 21SW 24SW 29

See more images and read much more about the Spreewald region, and about the Spreewaldlieder, and specialty pickles, and the intricacies of the harp, among other tidbits, by checking out the original series:


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SW 8SW 13

SW 26

SW 28

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