New York Film Awards Winner Black Back LQ


“The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre”

wins New York Film Awards,

plus more awards from

Crown Wood, CARE, Oniros and DIFF

and the London Independent Film Awards too


New York - Honorable - The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre


The New York Film Awards announced today that “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” received the runner up prize Honorable Mention: Narrative Film as well as a Best Score award.


New York - Score - The Tell-Tale Heart 2


Also, the Crown Wood International Film Festival gave us Best Score and Best Actor awards.


CW Winner Laurel




Also, last Friday, the CARE Awards screened “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” in Parkersburg, West Virginia and subsequently awarded it Best Musical.

CARE Best Musical



Above is the official Best Musical laurel from the CARE awards, and below the official logo and certificate from the Druk International Film Festival in Bhutan.

Apparently moviegoers in the Himalayan country on top of the United Nations happiness index gave “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” the Audience Award!  I’m still trying to wrap my head around that but it does make me happy!


Druk Certificate The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre


And an update from the Oniros Awards, which gave us the Grand Jury Award for “Best Experimental Film”.

Oniros Grand Jury Award The Tell-Tale Heart


So, all in all, an exciting succession of happy news these past one or two days…


New York Film Awards Winner Black Text


Update 12/11:  The London Independent Film Awards gave us an award for Best Musical Horror Short.  As with the Horror Bowl Movie Awards, very much an award that appears to have been added/created especially for “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre”.

As in “We like your film, it falls between all sorts of category cracks.  Let’s just create a new, singular category just for you”.  I’ll take it!


Lifa 2019 Winner LaurelLIFF Best Musical Horror Short Nov 2019



Update 12/12 – Los Angeles’ Independent Shorts Awards gave us two awards:


Certificatetemplate [Convertido]

Certificatetemplate [Convertido]


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