Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River at Sunset

NRV 1 Navajo_Bridge_Aerial


This is the Navajo Bridge crossing the Colorado River by Marble Canyon…


NRV 2 bridge_2


I didn’t take the two pictures above, nor the third below.  I found these to show you the most iconic perspectives, in bright daylight.  But that is not quite the way Ed and I experienced this impressive site.  It was sunset when we arrived at the bridge and took in the Marble Canyon off to one side and the tear in the ground the Colorado River makes on its way to the much larger tear in the ground that is the Grand Canyon.

And we were crossing the bridge, not flying around or rafting below …


NRV 3 Passsing_Navajo_bridge



CRV map1

It was late afternoon the day we’d visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We had a two hour plus drive ahead of us to get to our next destination, Page, by Lake Powell.

These pictures are of the valley the Colorado River cuts through, as seen when passing east after the Vermillion Cliffs.



You can’t see the river, or the tear it makes in the landscape, as it cuts its way through the plain, but it is there.





CRV map 2


We made it to the Navajo Bridge crossing the Colorado River just as the sun was setting.






I guess that sign is meant for mindless bungie jumpers or hang gliders.




The Colorado River tearing through the plains.




Watch to the end of the video for my “steady cam stalking” of Ed*…

*although not as “steady” as a real steady cam shot would have been…








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