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Last June I posted an impressed and irreverent report of of  “Snow White and the Seven Hos“, a Disney parody musical benefit for SCA (Sexual Compulsives Anonymous).  SCA supports gay and bisexual men with sex addiction issues.  Every year they create an original parody musical that chases the original material through a fun house of camp sensibilities and naughty lyrics.  It’s all a big wacky adult hullabaloo that never looses its sense of fun, while still incorporating a sincere message about overcoming sex (and drug) addiction.  The creators and performers of each year’s show are members of SCA.   If you are going to catch just one “amateur theatrical” per year, make it the SCA benefit.

This year’s benefit is called “Wicked Addicted”, and so it looks like Broadway Juggernaut “Wicked” is getting the SCA treatment this year.  Just how wickedly will the salacious parodists of SCA rewrite the lyrics to “Popular” or “Defying Gravity”?  Just how much more camp and crude will the green-hued and blond-curled divas of Oz be when essayed by Friends of Dorothy in drag?  What scary new meanings shall be applied to the term “flying monkey?”

Go to the SCA website for info and tickets to the benefit, scheduled for June 24 & 25, 8pm, at the Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 26th Street, between 9th and 10th avenues.

And to get a more detailed taste of last year’s “Snow White and the Seven Hos”, read my appreciation here.



“Idina, I’m afraid we’re not on Broadway anymore”



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