The Best Hamilton Anecdote Ever (well, surely one of the best)

rob mcclure

Rob McClure

The actor Rob McClure (currently performing in Something Rotten) just posted the following anecdote about Hamilton on his Facebook page.  It’s going viral, as they say nowadays.  Read it to see why:


“Hamilton deserved every Tony.
Here’s one of the reasons why…..

Last night, thru a series of weird events, I ended up getting a car service back to Philly (home). My driver was a mid 30’s guy from the Bronx. SUPER SWEET. He was asking me all about being an actor. He said all he knows about Broadway is that he’s dropped a few clients off at shows. He mentioned Hamilton and I asked what he knew about it.
I explained and he seemed intrigued so I asked if he wanted to hear the album for the 100 minutes drive remaining. I put it on.

He. Lost. His. Mind.

First off, he just kept saying….. “So, it’s one long song! The whole show?” I said “sort of, but yes. It’s all sung”.

He was riveted. He started saying stuff like “oh shit. Washington’s gangsta!” And “Angelica could have had him, but she was too worried about money.”
And during “non stop”, he exclaimed “he is pulled in so many directions! Can’t they see he’s just trying to finish writing! Damn. Leave him alone!”

We got to philly just after “Cabinet Meeting #1”. I took him for his first philly cheesesteak at 2am, and helped him download the album on his phone for the drive back to NYC. He wanted “to know how it ended”.

He dropped me at my house and said… “Thanks for turning me on to this man. It’s blowing my mind.”

I told him I had the pleasure of knowing Lin-Manuel Miranda and his eyes welled up as he said, “If you see him, tell him I just learned more about my country in the last 100 minutes than I have known my entire life. I’m proud to be American when I listen to that.”

Congrats to all involved with Hamilton.”

Hamilton 2

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