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Putting it Together and Together and Together and Together and Together

LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO OF PUTTING IT TOGETHER in ORIGINAL BROADWAY PRODUCTION  Art isn’t easy.  Any way you look at it. After seeing the current revival of “Sunday in the Park with George” and enjoying another live performance of its … Continue reading

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TRUMPIAN PARODY TUNES – Lyrical Agitprop Updates for Cabaret & The Producers

  Tinkle Tinkle   Tinkle, tinkle little tzar Putin put you where you are Up above the law so high In your penthouse tweeting lies Tinkle, tinkle little tzar Putin put you where you are   Last night, at a … Continue reading

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Last year I ushered in the new year with Hope for a New Year, featuring the cathartic finale “Hope” of my oratorio The Song of Job 9:11.  A song of phoenix like rising from the ashes, a gently defiant assertion … Continue reading

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ANTHONY TOMMASINI RATTLES ME – On the Importance of Music in a Musical

Today the New York Times published an excellent dialog between its classical music critic and avowed musical theater enthusiast Anthony Tommasini and its pop music critic Joe Caramanica about the musical Hamilton. The exchange included this from Tommasini, which has … Continue reading

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FIRST GRADE OPERA #1: Astronaut Alice and the Moon Aliens

ALICE: I told Lollipop I would never ever forget him or leave him and now he is gone.  I  can’t find him. DIGGER: Alice, we will find him together, just like we found the moon rocks. Don’t give up, we … Continue reading

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The Wonderland “Cha Cha” Oopsidaisy

The other day the director Lissa Moira and I were conducting one of our regular weekly meetings, reading through the Speakeasy libretto and discussing production and staging possibilities. We got to the song “Wonderland” as sung by the Tweedle Sisters … Continue reading

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