The Tell-Tale Award That Got Away

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I was doing some maintenance work on the Tell-Tale Homepage, when I saw I had noted an award won from Flicks Film Festival, but had not posted a laurel or certificate or even logged what the award was for.

I checked the Film Freeway website – Film Freeway is the site through which I submit “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” to festivals – and found Flicks Film Festival among the list of submitted organizations, and that I was listed as an award winner.  But here again it wasn’t noted for which category the award was won.

I went through my emails.  And discovered this notification from November 29, 2019:


Congratulations – Your entry has been identified for official selection and has gone through for further judging.


And then December 18:


Huge Congratulations – Your entry has been identified as an award winning achievement and you have WON.

Your winning entry is automatically entered into our Annual Award Event being held in July 2020 under the category you are a winner in.

Please be sure to email at us so we can send your Official Winners Certificate and Laurel for the category you have won this month.


That was great news.  And that must have been when I added Flicks Film Festival to the Awards list.  And the notification to be in the running for the Annual Award surely gives me something for which to be in happy suspense.

But none of that explains what the award is for.

At the time I emailed back:


Hi, Flicks Film Festival,

How exciting to learn “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” is a November winner.

I look forward to learning via the Official Certificate and Laurel what the win is.


Danny Ashkenasi


And that is the end of the “paper trail”.

I never received the expected response with my Official Certificate and Laurel.  And what with the winter holidays and travel and several other festivals contacting me, the Flicks Film Festival award question slipped my mind and I didn’t follow up.

Until now, when I was editing the Tell-Tale Homepage and noticed this unexplained awards listing.

A little late to email Flicks Film Festival again perhaps?

Luckily they do have a website, where the winners of past months are just a click away, which is where I found this certificate for their November selections:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 3.01.50 PM


So, I won for Best Actor in a Short.  Excellent!  Thank you, Flicks Film Festival!

And the Film Freeway website allows for the creation of a laurel using a generic template:

Best Actor in a Short - Flicks Monthly Film Festival - Nov 2019

So, all’s good.  That’ll do nicely.  The award that got away has been finally officially claimed.

But I’ll keep my eyes open wider come July…


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About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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3 Responses to The Tell-Tale Award That Got Away

  1. howlevmuso says:

    Good thing you are stuck at home: you have time to dust all those awards on your mantel now! Or rearrange them to make a very impressive Zoom virtual background!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So far all the awards have been digital, and exist to be dusted off only in cyberspace on my website. The one physical trophy I did receive in London (blog post about that still to come) was for Sound Design; I held that only for a few days before putting it in a box to be mailed; that piece of hardware is now gracing my sound designer’s mantel in Ohio.


      • howlevmuso says:

        OK – well, how about using Photoshop or some such app to assemble a “wall” of awards to use as virtual background for Zoom? “Arts and Crafts” project! Just a thought. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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