What we are doing with our Coronavirus Relief Money

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Ed and I will be donating our Coronavirus relief money to “Church and State”.


Ed to “Church”, meaning his Quaker Meeting.


Me to “State”, meaning the baker’s dozen of senate races where Democrats have a good to fighting chance to oust the Republicans:


1. Kentucky – Amy McGrath is neck in neck with the odious turtle Mitch McConnell. It would be so sweet to get rid of him!

2. Maine – Sara Gideon is leading in polls against Susan Collins.

3. Arizona – Astronaut Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords’ husband) is leading strongly against Martha McSally, who already lost one senate race before being appointed to McCain’s seat.

4. Colorado – John Hickenlooper has double digit leads in polls against Cory Gardner.

5. North Carolina – Cal Cunningham is neck in neck against Thom Tillis.

6. South Carolina – Jaime Harrison is fundraising well and gaining on Trump asslicker Lindsey Graham.

7. Kansas. Yes, Kansas! Barbara Bollier is looking strong and the Rep primary field is a mess. The likely Rep contender, the malevolent Kris Kobach already lost one statewide race to Governor Laura Kelly last year.

8. Montana – popular ex Gov Steve Bullock should have an even chance against Steve Daines.

9. Texas – is turning purple. A recent poll has Biden edging out Trump there. O’Roarke almost beat Cruz. The likely Dem primary run off winner, bad ass lady M J Hegar, should have a decent chance against John Cornyn.

10. Alaska – Independent Al Gross, endorsed by the Democrats, with whom he would caucus, is fundraising well and might beat lightweight Dan Sullivan.

11. Georgia has two seats up for Senate this year:

A) Either Teresa Tomlinson or Joe Orsoff, both strong candidates, will face off against David Perdue.

B) Pastor Raphael Warnock is the strong Dem candidate in a free-for all multi candidate Nov election for Kelly Loeffler’s appointed seat, including a formidable Rep challenger. There will likely be a Jan 2021 run-off. Remember Loeffler is one of the senators who made stock $ after a secret Coronavirus intelligence briefing. Hers is the most egregious of the stock scandals.

Also, Stacey Abrams, who is endorsing Warnock, would have won the Georgia Governor’s race last year if not for voter suppression. Georgia is turning purple. Both Senate seats are in reach.

12. Iowa – the likely Dem primary winner Teresa Greenfield should have a fighting chance against awful Joni Ernst.

13. Tennessee. Open seat. (Lamar Alexander is retiring.) Primaries for both parties wide open. But it will likely stay safely Republican, unless Taylor Swift flexes even more political muscle…

And all the other defending Republican senators this year are likely safe in their solidly red state seats, as are all the Democratic incumbents, except for …

13. Alabama – Democrat Doug Collins is expected to lose to whoever the Republican candidate ends up being (a total Trumpist or Jeff Sessions…ugh either way). But hey, he did win once before, so maybe he can win again, even though … well, Alabama… I will be giving to his campaign too.


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