Sunset in the Trailer Park


Just a little amuse bouche of photo and music quiz

in between larger courses of Two-fisted Touristing



Ed and I stayed a few days in an airbnb 20 miles south of the Grand Canyon (major photo blog post to come, but be patient; there’s a major cue of major Great American Southwest photo blog posts forming here at Notes from a Composer’s Two-fisted Touristing division).

Eating dinner on the picnic table by our humble temporary abode we enjoyed lovely sunsets.  So here are a few lovely pics of that, accompanying a little sunset (and trailer park) related music quiz (as ever, the answers are tucked in the tags below).




Sunset Music Query #1: This track, titled “Sunset”, is from which Tom Ford directed movie?




Sunset Music Query #2: Which British Pop Goddess is singing about the “Sunset” here?




Sunset Music Query #3: This famous song about sunsets and sunrises was sung by Ed’s parents and aunts and uncles at our wedding.  Which musical gave us this standard?




Sunset Music Query #4: Who sings this song about the Sunset Grill?




Sunset Music Query #5:  I wrote a song called “Sunset on the River”.  What musical is it from, and what river is it describing?




Trailer Park Music Query: I have nearly 10 000 music tracks downloaded onto my computer.  This is the only one with “trailer park” in the title.  “Christmastime in the Trailer Park”.  I know state and season are neither Arizona or August here, but it’s a sweet, comic song by my favorite queer country duo.  What apostrophe’d greeting provides their name?





There must be something about the North Arizona sky.  These are some of the sunset pics I took in Flagstaff:





That detail looks like a firy elk in the sky to me:








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