Etienne Garceau

Part 2 of my glimpse into ART NY 2018.  Some more “celebrity sightings” in artist and subject just as in Part 1.  Even more “shifting perspectives”, featuring videos of art work that show how they change, either because they include video imagery in motion, or because they alter depending on the perspective of their viewing.  For example the changing colors of Zhang Hang Yi’s Flowerbed:

A18-57 (1)


Or the far off / up close changes in Nemo Jantzen’s “Vogue”:

A18-92 (1)



And as before, I’ll throw in a few more Art Song Puzzlers, the answers for which may be found tucked within the tags at the bottom of the post.



Which singer asked us to come away with her to sing about painting?


Hendrik Kerstas

A18-53 (1)


Roberto Fabelo



Frederico Uribe

A18-61 (1)


Sinatra and Einstein by Will Kurtz



Florian Eymann



Leonor Anthony



Oliver Czarnetta


(Note the suspicious look I get from the minder at the end of this video:)


John Atwood and Henry Calso




Which rock and rollers demanded no color in their art?


In person Yong R. Kwon’s three dimensional assemblage of reflectors and reflections was at least as beautifully bewildering as it appears in these various flat-image perspectives.



BjornThe darling ballet hippos of Bjørn Okholm Skaarup have also graced public squares, like Lincoln Center.

hyacinth hippos




Surely a bit of a debt is owed to Fantasia’s Hyacinth Hippo.



Victoria Kovalenchikova

A18-83 (1)


Bruce R. Macdonald



Roy Lichtenstein

A18-86 (1)


Speedy Graphito and Mark Jenkins

A18-88 (1)


This photo of Patrick Rubenstein’s “Marilyn Monroe” is the view mid-transition.  Watch the video below for the complete shifting perspectives.  Monroe was appropriated by several artists at ART NY 2018.

A18-92a (1)


Alexandra Pacula

A18-94 (1)


Tom Otterness

A whole bunch of Otterness’ oddities enliven the NYC subway at the 14th Street / 8th Avenue stop.


Diadji Diop



Fredy Hadorn’s “Made Off” reminds me that Madoff is very much the exception of white collar criminals who have made off with our treasure, in 2008, in the White House…



Arguably Niloufar Banisadr’s three works side by side also represent “Shifting Perspectives”.




What precise English regional accent is which actor in which movie employing in this “Pavement Artist” Song?


Carole Feuerman




And yet another “Marilyn Monroe”, this time via Michael Moebius.



Chris Antemann

A18-Antemann (1)


Black/White, a “videosculpture” by MARCK (Marck Espejo)

The eerie sound track might have been caused by the placement of my fingers on my phone.  Isn’t it a fitting aural accident though, accompanying these images with an underwater perspective?


Klari Reis’s “Hypochondria Blue” – Mixed Media of 60 pieces on Petri Dish, T-nuts and Steel Rods.  It has a diameter of 101.6 centimeters or 40 inches and can be purchased for $20,000.  (And this is the only time I will bother with such specifics, I just kinda liked the combination of all those details …)

A18-Klari (1)


Shepard Fairey

A18-ShepardFairey (1)


Brendan Murphy (paintings and sculptures)



Hadn’t I promised a Picasso and a Chagall?  Here’s the Chagall (Ed took this pic, and so the perspective of the photo I will chalk up to my husband just being tall or he was avoiding glare on the glass):

A18-Chagall (1)


And a Picasso Plate:

A18-Picasso (1)


At the exit we were greeted by this piece by KAI



Bye, bye!


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