SECRET GARDEN SONGS or The View From My Lawn Chair


Secret Garden Song #1


The other day I was lying in my lawn chair under the Japanese maple tree in my little back yard in Brooklyn and I got intrigued by the variety of colors and shapes and shades catching my eye merely by turning my head from its laid back position.  So I grabbed my phone and took some pictures zooming in on some of these details of geometry and light as they presented themselves.  Including this shot to the right intended to verify my lawn-chaired perspective – like I said, all I did for all these pictures is swivel my head around right where I was leisurely outstretched on the lawn chair for a couple of minutes, zooming in a little, framing the images and clicking the camera phone. Perhaps this makes all this no more than a goofy premise for a variety of out door shots. Or maybe you’ll join me in finding a certain near abstract dynamism and beauty in many of these odd photographic compositions.

And as is becoming a burgeoning tradition here on Notes from a Composer, I will season this post with garden themed songs, but keep their identities secret, for those who like musical guessing games.  All the hints you’ll need to identify song title and artist will be available in the list of tags below this post, which should help narrow down the options and verify your guesses.  But right off I will have to disappoint all those who are hoping for a track from any iteration of “The Secret Garden”, musical or movie or otherwise; because that would be, well, just too … obvious.


Secret Garden Song #2





Secret Garden Song #3


I like how the slight fuzziness caused by zooming in and light glare (and perhaps an unsteady hand) in this pic created a faux aquarelle painting effect.



Secret Garden Song #4




Secret Garden Song #5



Secret Garden Song #6



Secret Garden Song #7




Secret Garden Song #8






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  1. Liked the songs-loved your M&M socks

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