The Lovers of Grand Army Plaza – updated


(Note 9/30/2018 – added some steamy shadowy shots I took yesterday of the lovers – see below)


The photo above is one of my personal favorites I have taken during my random photo taking walks around New York City.  It is of the Bailey Fountain in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

GAP2The reason I am posting this today is because when it is Spring the Bailey fountain will start gushing water again periodically.  It remains resolutely dry and still in the winter.  Spring has officially begun, but it is still resolutely wintery cold in Brooklyn today. Freezing cold, with blustery winds.  Perhaps posting this picture will help Spring hurry along.  I’ve joked that this year winter has come in like a lamb and is leaving like a lion, because it was so mild in January and February but snow storms and cold alternated discombobulatingly with warm spells in March.

I’m ready for a real Spring now. For warm weather to allow the Bailey Fountain to splash the Lovers of Grand Army Plaza with sexy condensation.

Alright, they may not actually be lovers.  Evidently they represent Wisdom and Felicity. And they do have their backs to each other.  But they are sexy, nonetheless.


The Arch at Grand Army Plaza.  Note Manhattan’s World Trade Center 1 poking through over the trees between the archway.


Bonus pic –  a steamier, wetter close-up:

Version 2


Update 9/30/2018

So, yesterday, we walked past the fountain again, and the light was so intense, making the shadows and the waters so richly sensual, and mysterious, and nicely contrasted to the above pictures, that I felt it warranted updating this post with these new pics:







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