New Categories for Movies, Theater and LGBTQ Themed Articles

Version 2

Three new categories have been added to the Notes from a Composer archives:


Cinema Scope

– For the love of movies, and not just the musicals


Live! On Stage

– Live performances / a life in the theater


LGBTQ Alphabet Soup

– Special focus on Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Issues


Since “Notes from a Composer” debuted on the Interwebs almost two years ago, it has evolved a little bit beyond its originally intended focus on musicals, my own and universally.  And over time I responded to that expansion of focus by adding new categories to the site archives covering all articles.  I am happy to announce a big new addition, a one two three triple addition to the archive categories: Cinema Scope, Live! On Stage and LGBTQ Alphabet Soup!

It has become clear to me that these three themes – cinema, theater, queer sexuality – have become a big part of many of the approximately 200 blog pieces posted so far on Notes from a Composer, often even more central to certain articles than the original categorization(s) they were posted under.  I also have realized that most of the popular posts here, including ones that continue to find more and more readers long after they were originally posted, happen to be articles that deal with cinema, theater and queer sexuality.

So it made sense to create those particular categories for the archives.  And to add those category designations to previous articles that needed them.

To the right on every page of Notes from a Composer, just below the Twitter feed, are links to the various categories all posts here are filed under.  If you want to read more articles about movies, click on “Cinema Scope”, to read about live performances as well as stories about life in the theater, click on “Live! On Stage”, if you are curious about Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender sexuality, find “LGBTQ Alphabet Soup”.

Version 2Of course, all the previously established categories are still there too: “Notes in the News”, about current an historical events, most likely with a musical angle;  “Beginnings”, which covers  autobiographical articles; “The Speakeasy Chronicles”, about my musical Speakeasy; “Musicabilia”, about my other music theater works; “Chamber Music”, about my non-music-theater compositions; “Melodies Linger On”, all about music I didn’t write but probably really like or at least about which I have something particular to say; “Literary Lyricism”, about literature; “The Teaching Artist” about teaching music and helping children compose their own music theater works; and “Two-Fisted Touristing”, taking you all over the world with lots of pictures and often lots of music too.

That’s a list of all the archive categories, old and new, that help you navigate through the site.  The posts here can span an eclectic rainbow of themes and ideas, even within the same article, and the categories are designed to help the visitor seek out and find posts that best suit their particular interest or current mood.  Below the categories you can also seek out articles based on the date they were originally posted.

Meanwhile, prominently on the banner at top, are the links to the main pages of “Notes from a Composer”:  My professional biography and contact info is at “Bio” (which just got refurbished with new photos, also reproduced here); my resume and review quotes are at”Credits & Quotes”; the other main pages are all about my musical Speakeasy (“Speakeasy”),  my musical beTwixt, beTween & beTWAIN” (“TWAIN”), my 9/11 oratorio (“Song of Job”), my Poe chamber opera/musical (“Tell-Tale Heart”).  You will find special info, musical selections, videos and articles for each piece at its page.  Special Pages for other musical theater pieces I have composed are in the works.  Stay tuned.


Me and my hubby Ed


About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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