The Lights of Bergen Street


“Light” Song #1

We have entered dark times.  This week has ushered in a calamity that threatens many ills and horrors.  For me personally, the worst horror is the reversal in progress against the very real and already active threat of Climate Change.  This cravenly ignorant going backwards at the very worst possible time, when we have only few years left to reduce climate warming emissions before an irreversible threshold is met, that is the ultimate future destroying calamity in the many, too many calamities that this week’s election in my home nation have visited upon us.

There is grief and despair far beyond the usual dismay at political misfortune, just as the elected (but not majority winning) candidate goes far beyond, or reaches depths far below, the usual political malefactor.


“Light” song #2:



I didn’t think I would address it here.  It’s not really what I thought I do here at Notes from a Composer, and for now I will say no more but to explain the small inspiration for this post; that when Ed and I came home from seeing the transcendent movie Arrival (featuring the magnificently alien music from Jóhann Jóhannsson), a movie which, the more I consider it, is likely to stand as an unexpected and welcome response to recent events, we walked out of the subway stop onto the lights of Bergen Street in Brooklyn, and felt inspired to take some pictures.


Maybe the congregation of small lights shining in the dark, the smudges of green leaves within the black sky, can be an image, evoke a metaphor, that might serve as a bit of a balm today.  It gives me a little comfort.  And so I’ll also share some songs of “light” that may also serve as a balm or even as some inspiration in these days too.

As my Quaker husband has taught me to say: “I hold you in the light”.

“Light” Song #3



“Light” Song #4



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