Celebrities, Politicos, Soccer-Moms and Babies gettin’ their Alexander on!

Exploring the intermittently sublime sub-sub-sub genre of singing along to Hamilton while riding in a car!


Above is the famous Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke starring James Corden and Lin-Manuel Miranda famously lip-syncing to sections of the cast recording of the musical Hamilton, and then being joined by Broadway stalwarts Audra MacDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jane Krakowski.  After over 11 million views I think it is safe to call this a “viral hit” and also safe to assume that if you have found this blog, you most likely have already watched this video at least once.


But have you seen the following video, the “lip-syncing” family doing their own take on Hamilton while in the family van “on their way to the mountains”?  It is adorable enough while the two older brothers assay Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton respectively, but “just you wait” until other family members start joining in.  I’ll say no more except enjoy:


Which led me to do a little research on videos showing lip-syncing / singing of Hamilton in cars.  Any more gems like the above?

For through the roof adorableness it is hard to beat little Isla:


But mostly it turns out to be rather slim pickings when it comes to videos of ride-along Hamiltons. At least of a shareable quality. The following “Mom’s carpool” version appears to have been sweetly inspired by the lip-sync family’s efforts. It’s not nearly as elaborate, but I give it props for the jill-in-the-box effect:

And what to make of the Utah Politicos Hamilton Carpool Karaoke? Well, if this is what it takes to get Democrats and Republicans to agree on something harmoniously in close quarters, I guess I must applaud. And extra props for the fluffy crown hat:

I will close this little survey on James Griebler’s contribution. It’s the roughest and simplest of the singing-Hamilton-in-cars clips I found, but somehow that roughness and simplicity contributes to an ineffably haunting quality. And I like the way the video cuts off on the sound of the turn signal. Surely there is a metaphor to be expounded on in that.


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