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The Italian playwright Mario Fratti, most famous for the musical “Nine”,  writes about New York Theater for the Italian publication OGGI.  And he included a nice little write up on Speakeasy in one of his recent articles.  A copy was mailed to me.  I looked for the article on line on Oggi’s Italian and U.S. websites, but couldn’t find it.  Perhaps it was only produced on hard copy and not the internet.

You can read a blow up of the portion about Speakeasy below.  It is in Italian, however, which I don’t speak.  But I can gather, with help of Italian/English translation websites that Signore Fratti describes the basic narrative of the musical while praising all involved.

I think my favorite sentence is “Verso la fine c’e un’orgia sessuale con decine di insolite posizioni”.  Which google translates as:

Towards the end there is a sexual orgy with dozens of unusual positions.

Un nuovo intrigante musical indeed!

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  1. earlhilton@aol.com says:

    Intriguing, for sure! Love, Mim

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