“Shadow and Light”



“Sweet Suspicion” – Allie Radice, Anne Bragg, Matias Polar, Tim Connell


“An offbeat, mind-blowing fantasia on identity, taboo romance, and queer culture circa 1930.”

  • Gay City News



Amanda Thomas, Nick DeFranceso, Kristen Quinn, Torian Brackett, Brandon Mellette



Matias Polar and Tim Connell


“The lyrics, melodies, and orchestrations are surprisingly rich and sophisticated.”

  • Gay City News



Allie Radice & Anne Bragg foreground, Bevin Bell-Hall & Brian Michael Henry & Darcy Dunn behind, Tim Connell & Matias Polar right.


Bevin Bell-Hall, Brian Michael Henry, Larry Johnson


Ambitious, intriguing tale of queer life during the Roaring 20s.”

  • Talkin’ Broadway




“Momentary Bliss”



Camille Atkinson & Kayleigh Shuler


“The score is an appealing mix of period jazz, swing, cabaret, Tin Pan Alley, and operetta.”

  • Gay City News



Bevin Bell-Hall, Darcy Dunn, Brian Michael Henry, Dan Kelley



Rita McCann, Kristen Quinn, Amanda Thomas, Tim Connell




“One of the most wildly ambitious, inspired theatrical endeavors I’ve seen on an Off Off Broadway stage. Bursting with an excess of ideas and passion”

  • Gay City News



Camille Atkinson






Photos: Peter Welch




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I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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