Gay City News Review for Speakeasy

“An offbeat, mind-blowing fantasia on identity, taboo romance, and queer culture circa 1930.”

“One of the most wildly ambitious, inspired theatrical endeavors I’ve seen on an Off Off Broadway stage.  Bursting with an excess of ideas and passion.”

“The score is an appealing mix of period jazz, swing, cabaret, Tin Pan Alley, and operetta. The lyrics, melodies, and orchestrations are surprisingly rich and sophisticated.”

“No less compelling is the attention to historical detail. Dialogue is meticulously sprinkled with colorful period queer slang, like “dropping pins” (hinting about one’s homosexuality), “Vaseline Alley” (the Southeast corner of Central Park where the fairies gathered), “basketeering” (ogling a guy’s crotch), and “browning” (I’ll let you figure that one out).”


Gay City News is first out the gate with its review of Speakeasy.  David Kennerley came to our first preview, which was rather rough after a difficult tech (things have come together much much better in the ensuing performances) and even so, he gives Speakeasy a pretty positive and constructive  review.

Matias Polar and Tim Connell in Danny Ashkenasi’s “Speakeasy: John and Jane’s Adventures in the Wonderland.” | PETER WELCH

Matias Polar and Tim Connell


Kayleigh Shuler and Matias Polar

Photos: Peter Welch

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I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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    What a wonderful review, Danny. Congratulation! And to think that we first read the book in Wisconsin! Love, Mim

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