The Day Has Come! 

We Have Launched Our Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign!



Help bring this original, ambitious new musical onto the stage!

“Speakeasy – John and Jane Allison in the Wonderland” brings modern sensibilities and classical whimsy to the mostly untold true tales of Prohibition era Queer New York subculture.

Your donation will help fund the showcase production of “Speakeasy” next February, bringing a sexy, magical story to life with a multi-talented, diverse cast in Theater for the New City’s large Johnson Theater, where you could be a tea-cup clicking patron of the legendary Wonderland nightclub itself!

V8 - Dolly Sisters 4


This February and March, 2016, “Speakeasy” the musical will receive its premiere workshop showcase production at New York City’s Theater for the New City.  Fredrick Byers Productions will be producing the “Speakeasy” showcase in conjunction with Theater for the New City at their largest space, the Johnson Theater.

Headed by Danny Ashkenasi and his husband Edward Elder, Fredrick Byers Productions has produced numerous musical theater and concert performances throughout the New York Metropolitan Area since 2002. “Speakeasy” will be their most ambitious endeavor. “Speakeasy” is a big show. It will boast a talented, diverse cast of up to 30 individuals of all colors, shapes and genders. It will have a top notch production staff with director Lissa Moira, music director Jonathan Fox Powers, stage managers and set, costume and lighting designers, most of whom have many years of experience at the Theater for the New City.

A reading of “Speakeasy” will be conducted December 7.

Showcase performances are scheduled for Feb 18 – Mar 13, 2016


“Speakeasy” is a big full length musical, offering a rich variety of roles and songs for a large diverse cast. Some have already been secured for the December 7 reading, but we hope to cast more, for greater diversity, eccentricity and fabulousness.

Every member of the ensemble needs to be imaginatively costumed, beautifully lit and framed by a gorgeous set. The actors, musicians and creative and production staff deserve to be paid for their efforts.

If we don’t raise enough funds, we can’t hire as many actors as we hope and we can’t give “Speakeasy” the full production it deserves.

That said, regardless of how much we raise on Kickstarter, our production dates are secure and we are confident we will put on a great production of Speakeasy!

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About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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