Last Night at the Festival

We performed “Two Songs from Speakeasy” at the LES (Lower East Side) Festival at the Theater for the New City last night (The festival continues through Sunday at the TNC).  Big crowd, big ovation, it was fun and sweet and short.  Here are some pictures, links to the songs that were sung, and an approximation of what was said:

Rachel Green and Andrea Pinyan

Rachel Green and Andrea Pinyan

ANDREA: Hello, I’m Andrea Pinyan.

RACHEL:  I’m Rachel Green, and we will be singing two songs from the new musical “Speakeasy” by Danny Ashkenasi, who’s at the piano.

(Danny waves to the audience)

ANDREA: “Speakeasy” reimagines Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” as the adventures of newlyweds John and Jane Allison in a fantastical version of Jazz Age New York, a time of defying Prohibition and exploding sexual boundaries.

RACHEL: First we will sing “Wonderland”, sung by Speakeasy’s version of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, The Tweedle Sisters, performers at the Wonderland nightclub.

(Wonderland, as performed by Rachel and Andrea on the Speakeasy demo recordings:)

 (Although I should note that we sang the corrected lyrics last night.)


ANDREA: Speakeasy will have a reading later this fall, and a full on production next March right here at the Theater for the New City.  To learn more about Speakeasy, go to the website “Notes from a Composer”.  Check your program for the web-address.

(No need, if you’re reading this you already are on “Notes from a Composer” 😉   )

RACHEL: Our final song tonight is “My Passion” sung by society lady Caroline Chrysalides, Speakeasy’s version of the Caterpillar from Wonderland. Caroline yearns for times gone by and a love that dared not speak its name.

 (Andrea sings “My Passion”.  Here is the demo version:)

 (Again, I’ll note that there has been a slight lyric change since the demo was recorded.  “Lie beside me” is now “burn beside me”.  Small change perhaps, just one word, but I agonized over it for months.  I had my reasons, but it’s too complicated and long-winded to go into now.  This aside has already taken up too much space…)



Thank you to everybody at the Theater for the New City who were so welcoming to us and who make the festival work like a well-oiled machine.


And if you’d like to listen to more Speakeasy songs, click here…

And to read more about “Speakeasy”, click on “The Speakeasy Chronicles” on the Categories tab to your right.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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