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After watching President Biden’s speech on the one year anniversary of the Covid pandemic, this classic Peanuts cartoon panel, one of my personal favorites, came to my mind, yet with a slight modification… So in light of my love of … Continue reading

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The Awards Speech That Would Have Been

And the PIIF Best Actor winner is … not me. But hey, my acceptance video is cute, so let’s play it anyway! As you might remember… who am I kidding, why would you remember, but I won a Best Actor … Continue reading

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The Music of Ian McKellen reciting Shakespeare (hear! hear! right here!)

Ian McKellen just quoted Shakespeare to make a strong point about Immigration. Marc Maron interviewed Ian McKellen on the WTF podcast.  Maron confessed he had trouble understanding Shakespeare, and McKellen suggested Moran may have not yet heard Shakespeare spoken by … Continue reading

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Lisa Kron’s acceptance speech must be heard and shared!

Lisa Kron won a Tony for writing the book of the musical Fun Home. She gave a wonderful speech with a fantastic extended metaphor that just needs to be heard and shared. No one saw this on CBS.  They aired … Continue reading

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