“Show Me Your Range But Make It Hair”

That’s one of those memes or games circulating among actors in social media lately. “Show me your range” in photos, and one of its specializations “Show me your range but in hair”. And I thought, well I can do that. Having gotten headshots made February 2019 right before shooting “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre”, for which I needed to be clean shaven anyway…

… giving me a bearded and clean shaven look with the same hairdo on top. I grew back my beard and my hair grew longer over several months, and in a fit of exasperation against the summer heat that July I cut my hair as short as I ever had in my life …

… which made me feel for the first time that I could play a cockney heavy if need be.

Since then I have let my hair grow… and grow … in preparation for shooting the follow-up to Tell-Tale: “The Pit and the Pendulum – a musicabre”. I took this pic several weeks ago while in a playful mood.

And these two the morning of March 27 (the hair really does half the character work here):

Over the months the hair length and attitude have passed from Fabio through Jacqueline Bisset to Farrah Fawcett and is currently reaching Veronica Lake proportions. I will keep letting it grow until we shoot “The Pit and the Pendulum – a musicabre” in June or July.

Midway through the shoot I will be shaving off my beard and long hair. Going totally baby faced and bald. For the alternate role I play in the film. This will be an even more dramatic way to show you my range but in hair.

Stay tuned for that. 😉

About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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