Mini Zen Garden

A year of miniature landscapes in sand and stone.

Last Christmas’ favorite stocking stuffer gift was a Mini Zen Garden kit Ed got me. It came with a black sandbox, sand, five black mini stones, and a miniature wooden rake.

I have it placed by my bed on the small decorative table shaped like a piano which I acquired for a song at Housing Works last year.

I arranged my first Mini Zen Garden January 2nd. And posted a picture on Instagram. That started a little tradition, where every time I create a new garden arrangement, I post a picture or two of it on Instagram.

It’s been an extra stressful year for the nation, for the world, after a series of particularly stressful years. A little Zen now and then has been useful.

This week has felt even more oppressive in a series of ever more oppressive weeks. So I figured it’s a good time to post the photo series of all my Mini Zen Gardens to date.

January 2

January 5

January 8

An attempt at the Peace sign. And the one out-of-focus pic… is it a metaphor?

January 14

January 19

January 30

January would be the most prolific month of new garden designs, naturally, spurred on with the excitement of a new toy …

February 12

I’m leaving on a jet plane…

(I actually was flying to London for a film festival, so I tried to suggest the outline of an airplane, not imagining this would be my last plane trip to date due to the pandemic…)

February 19

The shades were still drawn when I took this picture…

March 3

March 17

April 10

May 2

May 13

May 24

June 2

June 6

Although really I should have waited until July 4 for this one…

July 1

A garden post bombardment …

July 22

Then it appears the garden was neglected for a spell…

October 2

October 13

Perhaps reminiscent of the June-2-that-should-have-been-July-4 garden? If so, it was unconsciously done. Either way, it seems to me a more ominous variant on that theme…

I will update this post to complete the full year’s landscapes.

About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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