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May 25 is my birthday.

And my party favor to you is:

you can see “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” for free!

And your birthday present to me could be leaving a positive comment/rating.



The Festival is live now!

Watch and rate and leave a comment here! 


There are some technical difficulties.  The film won’t play on the SIFF site, but they will direct you to it’s original Vimeo site: WATCH “THE TELL-TALE HEART – A MUSICABRE“.  But please still leave your rating and comment here.

Remember, you have until midnight in Switzerland (6pm EDT)





I’ll explain.  My short film “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre”, a musical adaptation of the classic Edgar Allan Poe short story, has been accepted into the Switzerland International Film Festival.  But because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they cannot screen their program in a traditional theater setting.  So, just like many other festivals, they had to either postpone, or cancel, or move on-line.  They chose to go on-line.

Which now means, you don’t have to be in Switzerland to watch, and moreover, viewing will be free of charge.

SIFF is dividing their program into 4 categories over 4 days.  Short films will be available only May 25th.  Which just so happens to be my birthday!  Kismet!

I’m told the short film selections will be available all day, Swiss time midnight to midnight May 25.

Which I guess means 6pm, May 24 – 6pm, May 25 EDT, if you’re on the East Coast, USA.

Or 3pm, May 24 – 3pm, May 25 PDT if you’re on the West Coast, USA.


Viewer comments and ratings will help determine awards for films.  So please, as a birthday gift to me, go see “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre” May 25 (or already May 24 evening in the USA) in a virtual Swiss film festival, and if you like it, leave a positive comment and rating.

(And if you’ve already seen it at one of the previous festival appearances, on-line or otherwise, you don’t need to see it again – yet feel free to – have I mentioned it’s free? – but please do go to and leave a rating and viewer comment).


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Here is how the festival itself describes the process:

Unfortunately, due to quarantine, it was decided to hold the Festival online.

On the first day of screenings (May 25), on our site –, will appear a tab – “Screenings”, on which you can go and watch any submitted film.
The judges of this season will be all viewers, who can give an appropriate rating, as well as leave a comment to share impressions of the film.

To determine the winners, 3 factors will be taken into account:
1) Number of voters
2) Overall rating
3) Comments

All awards and prizes remain the same.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. For our part, we will do our best to make this event grandiose.


Festival Program:

25.05.2020 – The opening of the Festival and Short Film screenings

26.05.2020 – Foreign Film screenings

27.05.2020 – Drama and Experimental Film screenings

28.05.2020 – Documentary Film screenings

28.05.2020 – Animation Film and Music Video screenings

29.05.2020 – Award Winners of the Festival



I’ll leave you with some more screen captures of the festival’s main page.  There is a wistful irony to their background imagery lionizing celluloid projection, when the festival is forced to present its program digitally on-line.












Swiss Alps 3

It’s almost like the gondela lift cables are “framing the shot”.

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