Tell-Tale Director Award


I received a directing award from the So You Think You Can Act competition.

It feels a bit odd typing that, but it’s true; So You Think You Can Act recently added a directing category to their competition, and I decided not to submit myself as an actor but as a director instead.

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 8.09.09 PMThe reason for that mainly is they wanted actors to submit a reel of their best bits, or a 5 minute excerpt, but for directors they accepted a completed film.  I wan’t yet able to submit a reel, or even an excerpt at that point of time, but I was able to submit the only just finished film of “The Tell-Tale Heart – a musicabre“.

And that is how I wound up submitting myself as a director to what is mainly touted as an acting competition.

And it worked out.  I received a Gold Award for directing, with the added enhancement (at their discretion) of not just “Excellence” (that’s an option too, as are “Exceptional Merit”, “Merit” and “Kudos”), but “Outstanding Excellence”.

So that’s pretty cool.  Thank you, SYTYCA!


SYRYCA laurel

About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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  1. howlevmuso says:

    And here’s another helping of mazel tov.

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