OffOffOnline posted their Speakeasy review.  Here a few highlights:

“Kayleigh Shuler as Jane and Matias Polar as John are the heartbeat of the show; they are the flawless young lovers, never missing a note or a cue.”


“As Jane’s best friend, hooch-maker, and possible extramarital love interest, the fiery Bevin Bell-Hall charms the room as Roberta White.”


“The characters of Duchess Bentley (Camille Atkinson) and Julian Carnation (Tim Connell) represent the struggles of Julian Eltinge and Gladys Bentley, queer denizens of Prohibition-era New York City.  Atkinson and Connell portray their gender-bending historical characters with sensitivity and humor.”


“Absolutely knocking the Ziegfeld-girl aesthetic out of the park are Alice Radice and Anne Bragg as Dora and DeeDee Tweedle.  Just try to keep from smiling as Radice and Bragg shuffle around the stage in their blonde bobs and lobster-claw hands.  With their stellar comic, dance and musical skills, this vaudeville duo steals the show.”


“One moment of great synergy in Speakeasy is the song “All Hail the Maidens,” which most of the ensemble performs in drag…  J. Alan Hanna’s choreography for “All Hail the Maidens” is exuberant and fun.  Torian Brackett, Cody Keown, Sylvester McCracken III, Nick DeFrancesco and Brandon Mellette are gorgeous and fabulous in drag.  This moment of the show gives a rare glimpse of the hidden safe spaces made available to queer and non-gender-normative people in Prohibition-era New York.”



Speakeasy “is at once a fantasy adventure, a sexual coming of age, a straight love story, a piece of historical fiction, a gay play and a musical.  Songs like “Once I had a Friend,” “Shadow and Light,” and several other numbers probe human sexuality and the tension that exists between status quo and queer desire.” 


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I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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