Official Speakeasy Publicity Photos

SS PP Anne Bragg, Bri Molloy, Allie Radice-72

Chet Cheshire with the Tweedle Sisters (Anne Bragg, Bri Molloy, Allie Radice)


SS PP Camille Atkinson, Rosalie Graziano, Matias Polar, Tim Connell-72

Duchess Bentley, Jane Allison, John Allison & Julian Carnation

(Camille Atkinson, Rosalie Graziano, Matias Polar & Tim Connell)


PS PP Tim Connell, Matias Polar, Rosalie Graziano, Camille Atkinson in back Bri Molloy, Anne Bragg, Allie Radice-72

The “dip”.


SP PP Torian Brackett, Zach Wachter, Tim Connell & Cory Tarallo-72

John surrounded by Julian and the Florists

Cory Tarallo, Matias Polar, Tim Connell, Zach Wachter & Torian Brackett (kneeling)


SP PP Rosalie Graziano and Matias Polar -72

Jane and John getting … inspired.


SP PP 136 - Jo De Ro Ja.JPG

John, Dean Kitteridge, Roberta White & Jane

(Matias Polar, Brian Michael Henry, Bevin Bell-Hall, Rosalie Graziano)


SP PP 118 - Caroline and co.JPG

Caroline Chrysalides and entourage

(Darcy Dunn surrounded by C. Tarallo, B. Henry, Z. Wachter & T. Brackett)


SP PP 104 - John Julian.JPG


SP PP 53 - Jane Duchess.JPG


SP PP 150 - Ro Ja.JPG


SP PP 65 - Florists & Julian


Photographer: Peter Welch

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I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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