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My director Lissa Moira and I posted a casting notice for SPEAKEASY on Backstage.com.  You can find it here.

“SPEAKEASY – the Adventures of John and Jane Allison in the Wonderland”  will perform February 18 – March 13, 2016 at the Theater for the New City.  A reading of the musical is scheduled for December 7.  Learn more about Speakeasy here.

Below find the complete casting notice.  Go to Backstage to send your electronic application or email your headshot and resume directly to admin@ashkenasi.net, subject heading “Speakeasy”.


Musicals – Union and Non-Union – Paid


Fredrick Byers Productions / Theater for the New City
Danny Ashkenasi, Producer / Composer / Writer – Lissa Moira, Director

Production Description

Casting SPEAKEASY – The Adventures of John and Jane Allison in the Wonderland; a new musical – reimagining Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass set in the Queer Subculture of Prohibition era New York City. https://dannyashkenasi.com/speakeasy/

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Equity Tier 3 Showcase Performances at Theater for the New City; Performances Feb 18 – March 13, 2016; Equity rehearsals start mid January, 2016; Readings scheduled early November and early December

Compensation & Union Contract Details

$1100 stipend for Equity; $300 stipend for Non-Equity; an extra $100 for actors who play instruments in production

Submission Details

Please send head shot and resume.
Include video and/or audio links if available (not required)
Note instrument(s) you play if applicable (not required).
In general we are looking for all types, genders, ages and ethnicities.

Summary of Roles

Jane Allison (Lead)

Female, 18-28, Caucasian

Role Description: light soprano; singing actor; pretty; 5’6″ tops; Young Newlywed; likable; intelligent; inexperienced; inquisitive; discovers a sense of adventure.  Must be comfortable with same sex and opposite sex sexual expression.

Nudity: No


John Allison (Lead)

Male, 18-30, Caucasian

Role Description: light baritone; singing actor; good looking; 6′ tops; young newlywed; likable; inexperienced; intelligent; repressed, but ultimately sensual.  Must be comfortable with same sex and opposite sex sexual expression.

Nudity: No


Chet Cheshire (Lead)

Male, 25-60, All Ethnicities

Role Description: Flexible baritone; most move well; gorgeous voice; comfortable with all 1920’s/1930’s vocal styles, from crooning to operetta.  Master of Ceremonies at the Wonderland Nightclub; charismatic; mysterious, sinuous; unapologeticly Gay; intelligent and quick-witted; can deliver a zinger with elan.

Nudity: No


Duchess Bentley (Lead)

Female, 29-55, African American

Role Description: Big brassy alto (could be a belter); actor/singer who moves with confidence.  Bawdy Lesbian Harlem nightclub singer who favors men’s suits; inspired by Gladys Bentley.  Strong personality; seductive; sly; also tender and vulnerable; oppressed because of her sexuality.  Must be comfortable with same sex sexual expression.

Nudity: No


Julian Carnation (Lead)

Male, 30-55, Caucasian

Role Description: light baritone or tenor; Famed female impersonator; inspired by Julian Eltinge.  Comfortable with his homosexuality; sharp in a suit, gorgeous in gowns; debonair; engaging, smart, witty, alluring, and ultimately very sweet; oppressed for his sexuality.  Must be comfortable with same sex sexual expression.

Nudity: No


Caroline Chrysalides (Lead)

Female, 40-65, Caucasian

Role Description: Flexible soprano or mezzo-soprano; Society Lady.  Possessed of great authority; repressed Lesbian; old-fashioned; former leader of the dry movement that lead to Prohibition; unhappy with modern times and sexual freedoms. Secretly harbors a deeply abiding passion.

Nudity: No


Dean Kitteridge (Lead)

Male, 25-45, Caucasian

Role Description Baritone; powerful voice; Rigid and self-righteous; self-possessed; decent friend; born leader; judgmental

Nudity: No


Roberta White (Lead)

Female, 25-45, Caucasian

Role Description: Alto/Mezzo, possibly with belt; actress who moves well; good-looking flapper type; flirtatious, fun-loving and tempestuous; may have a drinking problem; bisexual

Nudity: No


The Tweedle Sisters (Lead)

Female, 18-30, All Ethnicities

Role Description Dora and DeeDee; “Sisters” – duo, performers at the Wonderland nightclub.  Mezzo/Sopranos.  Singers who move very well (tap a plus).  Vivacious; attractive; funny; charming; perceptive

Nudity: No


Three Florists / Caroline’s Attendants (Supporting)

Three Florists / Caroline’s Attendants 18-55, All Ethnicities

Role Description: Baritones or Tenors; actors who move well; Flamboyant gay men, full of fun and wit; good with a quip

Nudity: No


Reverend Clayton Fish (Supporting)

Male, 40-65, African American

Role Description: Bass preferred; Harlem Minister; morally conservative; self-righteous

Nudity: No


New York City Denizens (Supporting)

Males and females 18-55, All Ethnicities

Role Description: Variety of additional speaking and ensemble roles. All vocal types. Showgirls, drag queens and kings, cops, nightclub patrons, concerned citizens and many others.  All types, ages, genders, ethinicities, body types.  Dance ability a plus (especially tap and ballroom).  Mime experience a plus.  Playing an instrument a plus.  Sexual expression and some undress requested for some ensemble members.

Nudity: No

Jazz Age Nightclub

About dannyashkenasi

I'm a composer with over 40 years experience creating music theater. I'm also an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and general enthusiast for the arts.
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